2022.01.27 04:59 r_cursed_oof Lag

After rebooting my game at the end of act 3 my game started lagging, to the point where I can't even launch the save file, HELP
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2022.01.27 04:59 WolfishMule9528 Anyone want to talk?

Just feeling Lonely. And I can’t sleep.
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2022.01.27 04:59 Lion_Frequent Howdy partner

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2022.01.27 04:59 QuickFreddie My latest addition!

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2022.01.27 04:59 MemeConsumed Why is this sub called r/foundthehondacivic

Same with foundthetoyotacorolla
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2022.01.27 04:59 Rafi_Rahman_2002 S.Schröder d. D.Alcott 7-5 6-0 to win the Wheelchair Quad Single's final!!!

Gutted for Dylan for his farewell from the sport. Very very happy for Sam and hope he continues to win more Grand Slams.
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2022.01.27 04:59 JManUWaterloo Rant Re: Vancouver Single-Use Cups.

Vancouver, as we all know CoV added a 25 cent fee on single use cups for drinks
—-rant; tldr shorter edition—-
Here’s the problems with implementing this now though:
The business collects and KEEPS the revenue, (city tells them to use it for green initiatives)
60+% of the time I can’t use a reusable cup, because of COVID.
So essentially the city is forcing Vancouver civilians to pay extra for a cup that mind you, many don’t want, but have no choice because of COVID.
You also have the businesses who may have padded their bottom line and have an excuse to price hike more this year than in past years; just because the city told them to use it for green initiatives, there is no bylaw or regulations mandating them to, and there is no punishment or fine for blatantly acting to the contrary.
Ultimately consumers are the losers here, and the businesses (including multinational corporations) are the winners.
—-rant extended—-
What I’ve found from personal experience is that most still are wary of COVID, and won’t even consider accepting my cup. I am not even given a damn choice to use a reusable cup.
I know some people will probably tell me go to another shop that would actually take my cup. But I wouldn’t consider that really feasible. Coffee isn’t the same everywhere you go, there’s different qualities of coffee brews, not to mention potential price point differences.
Some might mention the idea of brewing at home, for me this could have worked out, but I can’t wait 15-20 minutes for coffee to be freshly brewed. “Use a Keurig”; uh that’s not environmental at all with the non-recyclable k-cup.
I may be able to afford the fee of $0.25 on every coffee, but I just don’t think it’s right that I’m not being given a choice many times and it’s basically a coffee tax at this point.
Don’t forget there are still a large number of folks who are less fortunate and either live paycheck by paycheck or even worse. Imagine the degree of harm this could cause to them!
So speaking of the coffee tax, there’s really some underlying issues with that fee collection I’m talking about.
I mean, sure, there might be a number of businesses that actually use it towards green initiatives, but let’s face it, many might say they will but not actually follow through.
Just think of this as an example. A Starbucks serves $10k worth of drinks in a day (this is pretty normal for a downtown surrounding store) that’s about 2000 drinks (assuming every order is $5 exactly as an average).
2000* $0.25 = $500 in cup fees. Multiply this by every week and you get $3500 that you can either use for the right or wrong purpose.
I would think a solid 50% would use it to pad their bottom line.
Heck TBH I would have been fine with a cup surcharge collected by the business but mandated to be paid to the city, but no… let the businesses handle it, because they totally won’t just pocket it. 🤨
This has honestly ripped the trust I had for this city into shreds. The implementation is horrible both with timing and structure.
/rant over
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2022.01.27 04:59 cfwscv Is it worth getting an xbox just for gamepass?

I have a ps5 but want to try different games. I have gamefly but feel like it takes too long. I'm thinking about getting an xbox (not sure which one) just for game pass would it be worth it? Do the games on gamepass stay on gamepass for a while?
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2022.01.27 04:59 neutralpoliticsbot Meltdown from a Wish investor

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2022.01.27 04:59 OliverMarkusMalloy During a live call-in show, a caller called Marjorie Neanderthal Barbie "an embarrassment to the state."

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2022.01.27 04:59 SpizdiL Шевелись, плотва!

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2022.01.27 04:59 Used-Accountant-945 Anime roleplay partners needed. Futanari or males are preferred. (F&M, M&M)

Looking for experienced roleplayers. My character's used are all my own characters. Using multiple platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Kik and Tumblr. Reply to this post with a comment or message me if interested.
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2022.01.27 04:59 skinfish240 héy

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2022.01.27 04:59 Gun__Mage [FS] lot: Glow Grym, Kaxe, Kaxe Z

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2022.01.27 04:59 Dyslexic-Calculator Why dont Alcoholics do harder drugs?

I mean if the point is to drown your sorrows isn't heroin a better option, and don't give me that they actually do harder drugs because then they would be called drug addicts ,wouldn't they?.
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2022.01.27 04:59 mantookas Hi there, noticed strange mole yesterday, cant understand if I damaged it somehow by myself or it is changing itself, around 3mm in size, soft. Should I worry about it?

Hi there, noticed strange mole yesterday, cant understand if I damaged it somehow by myself or it is changing itself, around 3mm in size, soft. Should I worry about it?
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2022.01.27 04:59 mosquitowith100wings Long countries: Croatlong

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2022.01.27 04:59 Litkid_05 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 128GB Black T-Mobile SM-G998UZKATMB Smartphone - SAVE:$500.99 (41% off) PRICE:$699

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2022.01.27 04:59 Avenger3611 [FRESH] Grimes - Shinigami Eyes

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2022.01.27 04:59 gqlittleman99 Can I keep frogs in a terrarium with my cps?

I wanna make a terrarium one day when my plants get his enough, and was wondering if I could add a frog it two in there. I know some frogs have a symbiotic with some cps, so I'm not too worried about that part. I'm just wondering if the environments would be compatible. I read an article saying that frogs need water with minerals in it and I know that's a no go for CPs. I know terrarium CPs like humidity and warmer temperatures, as do some frogs. I guess I'm just wondering if the environments required to keep both would be compatible?
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2022.01.27 04:59 FreshSushi9 Gastritis food progression

Any suggestions on foods to slowly add back in? Recovery definitely progressing well but don’t want to go backwards!! Just looking for ideas!? Currently on apples, bananas, salmon, chicken, turkey, barramundi, rice (brown and white), spinach and oatmeal.
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2022.01.27 04:59 Midnighthum69 35 year old male hit me up if you want to chat about anything

Anyone doing a solo session and want to chat about anything hit me up.
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2022.01.27 04:59 kislayverma Financialized everything - the perils of the crypto-web

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2022.01.27 04:59 SexyManDan Work in progress of a world map. Would love some feedback and or advice.

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2022.01.27 04:59 pokeplayer400 Used leaf without home charging?

Should I buy a used leaf without a home charger? I live less than 2 miles away from 100% free fast charging and various other free chargers at places i go to around town that are all less than 10 miles away, I also rarely ever travel farther than 10 to 15 miles away. So in my situation I know it'd still be slightly less convenient than having a home charger but im assuming it would work right?
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