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What did Saul mean by this?

2022.01.27 06:05 Atb1904 What did Saul mean by this?

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2022.01.27 06:05 OneVeryOddFellow Does RealityMachina's "An Easier War" series of mods work with LWotC?

I really want to try LWotC one day, as I have thoroughly enjoyed LW2 with the aforementioned mods, but am concerned about the difficulty. I am sorry to say that I don't really enjoy all the added difficulty associated with LW2, and primarily enjoy it due to it's revamped strategic layer, and the added classes. I would LOVE to have all that available, with the added goodies included in WotC, which is why I am asking this now.
Any helpful information would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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2022.01.27 06:05 theflameinthewind How has your hashimotos/hypothyroidism progressed over the years?

Recently i found out that hashimotos is progressive and there's very little that can be done to stop it's progress. How has yours progressed over the years?
For me, after diagnosis it took a year to get to my correct dosage of 75 mcg (started with 25mcg). Now after 3 years, my required dose has become 88 mcg.
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2022.01.27 06:05 AutoNewspaperAdmin [AU] - Call for support for former Australian of the Year Grace Tame | Sydney Morning Herald

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2022.01.27 06:05 Friendly___Toast dont forget the numbers on the front and your name

dont forget the numbers on the front and your name submitted by Friendly___Toast to meme [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 06:05 godofdeathnotel Using another browser while tor is open

Is using another browser while using tor risky? Does it have any effect on the privacy?
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2022.01.27 06:05 AutoNewspaperAdmin [AU] - Return to school rules a chance to foster the altruism we all need | Sydney Morning Herald

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2022.01.27 06:05 themoorofvenice Dance instructor gets jail and caning for molesting schoolboys, who flagged crimes after sex ed classes

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2022.01.27 06:05 TrueNorthAmerica Canadian man gets 6 months in U.S. prison for groping flight attendant - National |

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2022.01.27 06:05 themoorofvenice Heart disease the cause of death of woman who died months after COVID-19 jab: Heart centres

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2022.01.27 06:05 yaujj36 If Fritz the Demon Meme Was Suppressed

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2022.01.27 06:05 Electro-Lite That's a shocker!

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2022.01.27 06:05 oPx9 seen this car a lot but forgot its name

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2022.01.27 06:05 Voodooo_Child_ Need serious help dealing with my 13-year-old Maltese

About 3 years ago, I essentially became the primary owner of our Maltese after my older sister had to move half-way across the world. He has such an incredibly complex personality in that he requires so much love but also doesn't like to be smothered with it. My sister spoiled him every day for hist first 10 years. He's hardly trained, and doesn't really care about pleasing anyone. He lives like a king. Now him and I have had a good and playful relationship before my sister left, so we naturally became best buds.
We've grown extremely attached to one another and he sleeps on my bed every night. He basically follows me around everywhere around the house, but not to do anything except lie down in the vicinity of my location. We play and wrestle very often and he can be very active when he wants to be. Actually, the vet and nurses never believe me when I tell them he's 13 years old; he's honesty in great shape. Only issues are some chronic skin allergies and an ear infection.
Fundamentally, my problem is that he's spoiled and very difficult to train. He is so difficult sometimes, he almost never listens when called, hates being walked and always manages to wander off alone. We live in a gated community so I just open the door for him to go out to pee or poop in our front garden and then walks back inside the house. He hates going for a walk; even if I put a leash on him, he's willing to break his neck resisting. But sometimes, he'll wander off and start eating some leftovers our neighbours leave out for the stray cats. What commences is a few days of vomiting and diarrhoea.
He is my first dog, and I undoubtedly have a lot to learn. And although I have managed to change a few of his spoiled habits in the last three years since my sister left, I haven't been implementing a propestrict training strategy. And thats what I think I need, a real strategy. I'm constantly torn between being hard on him by training him and just letting him be since I don't know how much longer I have to spend with him. But he's so difficult to train, he just doesn't care about pleasing me in that sense. He has no drive whatsoever.
I understand this is asking for a lot, because my family and I have essentially been pretty lousy dog owners for the past 13 years. But is there anything you guys would recommend I do, or should I just leave him be?
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2022.01.27 06:05 wuanlai65 $OCTA - OCTANS is fueled up and ready to launch | Launching Now on BSC | Major Gaming Company backing | Doxxed Team | Certik audited | NFT + GameFi

OCTANS is a jet-fueled rocket ready to liftoff! The project is composed of nearly 20 members who are fully doxxed and on payroll with a strong parent backing company (Capital Games Portugal). The full-time team is made up of developers, graphic designers, public relations officers, marketing personnel, NFT onboarders and moderators intent upon unleashing something never before seen in the world of crypto or gaming. The Octaverse! If you’re searching for a low marketcap project with a solid team and vision with massive upside potential, then look no further.
The Octaverse is an all-encompassing and self-sustaining digital ecosystem set to be the driving force propelling both the use case and utility of the token. The Octaverse will include a physical item marketplace with a variety of licensed gaming peripherals from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel and DC Comics. Also included within the Octaverse will be a tri-tiered NFT marketplace and the ability to use the token as a collectable currency within actual video games. The vision behind the token is to create an ever expanding world of utility and use case scenarios behind it. The worlds of crypto and gaming are set to collide in an innovative way never before seen! A solid and steadily evolving foundation for success is currently being laid. Grab your seat now and hold on for a galactic journey! The patient ones with diamond hands will truly be rewarded. Become an Octanaut today!

High Quality Whitepaper available on our official website
Buy directly with Octaswap from our official website
CERTIK AUDIT completed with Skynet activated
Clothing Store live and taking orders!
News articles with TechTimes, Cryptocurrenciesnews UK, TechBullion, Fintech Zoom and BitcoinMarketRecap published
Full scale marketing campaign set to kick off
See the parent backing company’s (Capital Games Portugal) headquarters on our official YouTube page
See a video teaser of our upcoming NFT Marketplace on our official YouTube page
Two platformer video games in development you can use the token within
Listed on Whitebit Exchange
Listed on Coingecko, CoinMarketCap, Blockfolio, Coinstats and many other coin ranking sites
More listings, partnerships, and sponsorships to come! Join us on our socials below

BSC Contract Address: 0x8624A53d6Be978dC566967E1225Edc29Ecd4b2F3

Link Buy

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2022.01.27 06:05 Joe_Black03 The ways

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2022.01.27 06:05 crimilde RedBull and Tech3 KTM Factory 2022 liveries

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2022.01.27 06:05 physical_ocean19 [Olympiads] cb paul science quiz

Hi all, I signed up for the acjc cb paul science quiz. Could I know how is the test like and how can one prepare for it? How hard will the test be in general? Are all the questions mcq or short structured?
Also, since my assessments are coming up, how should I prioritise my time such that I can still prepare for my school exams? How many hours should I spend on preparing for this quiz? If anyone has any suggestions or tips, feel free to comment!
Ps. I have completely 0 knowledge on computing (and computing is tested oops) so where can I start from? Do I go online and study the basics of computing etc?
Thank you all!!
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2022.01.27 06:05 fire20221 overgang van vastgoed naar...?

Throwaway account Afgelopen 10 jaar heb ik middels vastgoed altijd een goede cashflow gehad, echter per 2 april verkoop ik de hele portefeuille: - klaar met gezeur en te ver op afstand en goede prijs tov aankoop; -ik haal zo 8-10 jaar aan resultaat naar voren.
De cashflow van vastgoed maakt me FIRE (zelf 42 jaar, getrouwd, 2 kinderen basisschool) en ik wil alleen nog werken als ik er "zin" in heb (toch vaak weer met wat nieuws bezig). Vastgoed gaf een goede cashflow met nauwelijks belasting box3 en niet heel veel werk. Al die jaren alles zelf gedaan (financiën, hypotheek, belasting aangiftes) en nu wil toch met een notaris / fiscalist / vermogensbeheerder gaan praten en wil ik hier op voorhand voor advies peilen. (hier zit toch wel een bak kennis, hulde daarvoor!)
Dit is de situatie:
Waardes 31-3 2-4
Bank 50.000 2.125.000
ETF NT 88 / 12 / 10 275.000 275.000
uitgeleend geld 35.000 35.000
Eigen woning 500.000 500.000
Vastgoed 2.400.000 0
Totaal 3.260.00 2.935.000

Hypotheek 1.665.000 382.000
onderhands geleend 55.000 55.000
Totaal 1.720.000 437.000
Net worth 1.540.000 2.498.000
resultaat verhuur (na rente) 140.000 119.000
aflossing/terugbetaling -25.000 -4.000
cashflow 115.000 115.000
consumptie -55.000 -55.000
sparen 60.000 60.000
De 119.000 resultaat aan rechterkant is wat ik nodig zou hebben als rendement op bank/ETF om op de "oude" situatie uit te komen. Dat is ongeveer 5% op 2.5000.000.
Dus met vastgoed had ik een redelijk uitgave patroon (50-55k netto) en toch kon ik elk jaar nog goed investeren richting ETFs (opgebouwd afgelopen 2,5 jaar). Ik zie zeker de voordelen van ETF (zelfde of meer rendement als vastgoed), maar ik zie nu ook voor het eerst een grotere downswing. (kan ik dat aan met 2000k belegd...)
Hoe zou jij je portefeuille verdelen? In principe zou ik liever niet werken, maar als het een jaar of wat nodig is om 20 uur te werken zou ik prima kunnen. Dus (geheel) risico avers hoeft het niet te zijn. Tevens heb ik al een side hustle waar op termijn een 10.000 per jaar uit moet gaan komen met 150 uur werk per zomer seizoen.
Stel ik hou een 500k heel safe aan, (8-10 jaar aan uitgaves) en de rest investeren in ETF / fondsen / uitgeleend geld met onderpand. Dan moet het 10 jaar mis gaan voor ik aan mijn beleggingen ga komen.
- wat vind je van deze 500k buffer (ik zit in de RE fase, maar kan niet alles cash aanhouden; inflatie is killing) - hoe zou je die 500k inregelen? toch iets van obligaties / deposito ladder? spreiden over 5 banken met max rente wat mogelijk is? - hoe zou je die 2000k beleggingen inregelen? kan ook inkopen op ETFs over een periode van bv 5 jaar (= 30k per maand aankopen), maar dan heb ik per 1 april veel te veel cash geld wat ik voor de veiligheid zeker over 5-10 banken zou willen spreiden. Of ik zet een 1000k uit als uitgeleend geld tegen 6% met hypothecair onderpand, dan dek ik al mijn jaar uitgaven.
- zou je werken met een vermogensbeheerder? (uiteindelijk moeten die ook winst maken, weegt het advies op tegen de kosten. Of hun een stuk van bv 500k laten beheren, kan je ook geen gekke dingen mee doen)
- wat zou ik van een fiscalist (minder box3 betalen) of notaris (nu op papier al gaan schenken) willen weten?
PS handtekening voor de verkoop is gezet, dus dat gaat in 99% zeker door en ben er ook klaar mee.
Alle input is welkom en ik zal zoveel mogelijk terug proberen te reageren!
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2022.01.27 06:05 CalcifersGhost Thoughtful Thursday - are stalls helpful

Here’s an interesting thought… can stalls be good? I talked on Tuesday about the damage these can do to motivation in the beginning, which in some cases can be enough to derail a promising momentum. On one level, though, they can teach about the key skills of patience and delayed gratification which are essential to successful weight loss management in the long term. They can also lead to education and understanding about the biology and behaviour of your body, and perhaps remove the religion around the number on the scale.
So, how do you feel? Have stalls been helpful to you? What did you learn? What would you advise somebody in a stall? Or have you found stalls to be largely unhelpful? How would you advise somebody struggling in a stall to handle the situation?
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2022.01.27 06:05 rhythmstrawberry Stubhub Military Discount

Check out Stubhub Military Discount. There is Stubhub Military Discount for online purchases. You may save with using those discount codes, coupons, promo codes and offers. Take advantages of daily deals, sales and coupons!
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2022.01.27 06:05 NFTsPool 🎉Meta Mogul's $10,000 cash giveaway!🎉

🎉Meta Mogul's $10,000 cash giveaway!🎉 🎉 Meta Mogul's $10,000 cash Giveaway! 🎉
Just like the post and join the Discord for more information. Over $10,000 in prizes are up for grabs.
What is Meta Moguls? Meta Moguls is a collection of 5000 aspiring moguls designed by BREYDEN | Lead Artist and soon minted as NFTS. The collection offers its owners long term value by entering into an exclusive community of creators and visionaries. A Meta Mogul NFT grants access to member benefits such as airdrops of our native token, social events, chats with business influencers, MetaMogulsDAO, brand partnerships, startup funding, merch, giveaways and more!

Socials: Discord | Twitter | Giveaway submitted by NFTsPool to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2022.01.27 06:05 Platanero92 Primary location

So they recently added a bunch of locations to the GoDrive app. Unfortunately, it's been going me a site I don't go to as default. It messed me up when I was picking up hours. Anyone know how to set a specific warehouse to primary?
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2022.01.27 06:05 mi1ez- Twitch Bandwidth Test Sydney

Does the Twitch Bandwidth Test ever show anything other than 0 quality for Sydney? I live less than 70km from the CBD and it scores lower for quality than any other server location despite my ping and bandwidth.
Big fat zero
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2022.01.27 06:05 Suspicious-Ant1395 Which character do you think has the highest versatility when it comes to weapon selection?

Off the top of my head I would say Beidou. Beidou can use almost any dps claymore effectively, barring song of broken pines in most situations. On top of that she can use energy recharge claymores too. She’s from Liyue too, lythic claymore when?
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