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2022.01.27 05:32 depressedt_but_saucy confused.

so i met this guy a few weeks ago and we really clicked!! he was quite diff that’s why i gave it a shot and oh before going any further life before him was full of parties and me basically “hoeing” around lol ahahahah
i ddnt wanna settle back then bc of the trauma men gave me ya know but he came and gave me assurance.. it was too good to be true to meet someone like him! he’s four years older than me and uhm cute and is around 5’10 ahhh just my type
everything was going smooth and it all happened so quickly! he is my go-to-person and i am slowly falling for him and i aint gonna lie about that
however ahahahaah here comes the shitty part! uhm he went out with his friends last sat and i was fine with that i mean like i trust him so why not? and then tuesday came, we met and it was a perfect day ahahahaha now we’re on thursday and the past two days bay he’s been so cold and idk why??
he texted me an hour ago that he did something wrong and it was about the night he went out with friends ~
right now im just sobbing and worrying as to what he did bc we’ll still meet tom to talk about it and i just feel so hurt rn and i feel awful like really awful
what if he kissed another girl? and liked that girl and began chatting with her? what if he’s about to leave me?
you know what’s worse? im willing to forgive him ahahaha im just so fucking pissed at myself
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2022.01.27 05:32 yogravy Does Bovada let you bet on NBA end of season awards? (MVP,DPOY,etc…)

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2022.01.27 05:32 Kunphen House Democrats to launch three climate task forces - USA

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2022.01.27 05:32 Rubbesgamingcorner My Nintendo 64 Collection

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2022.01.27 05:32 Krobeans Is there a risk of re-piercing older spots on tongue?

So, I have over probably a total of 3 years (between 2016 - 2019) had my tongue double pierced (frog eye piercing) about 3 or 4 times. The last time it was re-pierced, one of the piercings got a bit infected, but I had it under control in no time.
I eventually took it out, and haven't had any tongue piercings since 2019. One thing I have noticed however, where the piercing was that got infected, is a little bump. Sometimes it will still swell a bit and is a bit sensitive. I'm not sure if this is like a side-effect or if it's something else?
Anyway, my question is actually, would it be okay if I get it re-pierced again, or is it a big no-no. I feel like it's not advised, but, I'm not and expert which is why I am asking.
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2022.01.27 05:32 deejay_ac Power outage- anyone have any idea when power is coming back in phase 6 area?

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2022.01.27 05:32 Nao_e_o_murilo Cantinho da felicidade

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2022.01.27 05:32 ultralight_bim looking for what app(or website) this is. can anyone help?

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2022.01.27 05:32 charmingmate3 Still trying to find the one cutie girl on here

maybe I’ll msg some more and find one eventually if they exist here
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2022.01.27 05:32 George_Washtgion But reecism is MURDER1111111!!!

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2022.01.27 05:32 xaromas ChrispyChars Pointy Sonic and Fluffy Tails ✦Sonic Robo Blast 2 Mod✦

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2022.01.27 05:32 BlackShadow007 [HIRING] Backend Developer at THRESH0LD

Apply here: https://crypto.jobs/jobs/backend-developer-at-thresh0ld-1
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2022.01.27 05:32 iccaecumsa 💥 🐶Atom Floki | Just Launched | 💎 DEVS KYC with GemFinder| ✅ Major Marketing Incoming | x1000 Gem 🚀| Join the most ATOM community 💥

⚡️Welcome to the Atom Crypto World where you can earn $FLOKI just by holding the ATOM FLOKI. The Atom Legacy doesn’t end here as it is only the beginning; ATOM PROJECT will launch Atom Wallet, Atom-Swap, Atom Exchange and Atom Cryptos Debit Card for instant Fiat and Cryptocurrency swaps
🚀 Telegram : https://t.me/AtomFloki
💥 Contract : 0xd8251e8d652be5ed52c75fd486a6a2c397b7d8c1
🌐 Buy here : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xd8251e8d652be5ed52c75fd486a6a2c397b7d8c1
🔒 Liquidity Locked : https://mudra.website/?certificate=yes&type=0&lp=0xb83273b5e03f6cfb7f3e86bca0ea46977bfa4579
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000
💵 0% tax buy - 12% tax sell
🐶5% Floki Rewards
📰 2.5 % to Marketing
🔥 3% to Liquidity
👥 1.5% to Team
👑 Hold , earn FLOKI
Atom Floki Ecosystem
The token is going to be the first step of building a community and creating a bond between all other members as the future Atom Projects needs the community that can vouch for the team. Holders will be rewarded with Floki with each transaction as it would be a delightful way of expressing gratitude for your support.
The Atom Floki token itself is just the part of the project, but the team will be building an ecosystem of blockchain around this token and utilize every possible way to make it better than other projects i.e. Atom Swap, Atom Wallet, Atom Exchange and Atom Debit card.
Atom Swap
Though the most important step is to launch the token successfully, the team will also be keeping up the pace to follow the roadmap and launch the Atom Swap for the community.
Atom Wallet
The team will be launching a state of the art wallet for its holders and the community will benefit more than any other person out there.
Atom Exchange
As we believe, radioactively lethal to outperform all competitor projects, the Atom Team will launch Atom Exchange where the community will be able to swap or exchange all known cryptocurrency.
Atom Debit Card
What’s better than owning a debit card in which you can keep your crypto and fiat currency safe and use it instantly like any other debit card? We are Atom, and we believe in the future!
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2022.01.27 05:32 burndaherbs Do light/dark cycles effect growth

On weekends i have grow lights for cacti on 24hrs for 2 nights. Could this be negatively effecting growth. Thanks🌵
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2022.01.27 05:32 Wagwanis Two merges to exactly 999 999 followed by a perfect merge

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2022.01.27 05:32 Ridan_ [Discussion] what is your morning routine?

Please come and share yours, mine could do with some improvements so would love some ideas!
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2022.01.27 05:32 yeontura [OC] The contiguous US divided into 1317 districts of around 250,000 people each

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2022.01.27 05:32 bigjoe11127 When can you buy early access to new hero?

Nothing on ubi store
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2022.01.27 05:32 zhico94 2 years time lapse

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2022.01.27 05:32 Dattituder Vorgeth Shattered Throne bugged?

So I’m trying to run shattered throne solo and am at Vorgeth. Only now I noticed that the braziers where you go to dunk the mark and start dps aren’t active. Am on my 100+ attempt and only now noticed 🙄.
Did I miss something important or is this bugged and has my effort been for noting?
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2022.01.27 05:32 Cungeldsak14 Da Stool

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2022.01.27 05:32 pro_gaemr5000 idk man seems pretty hard to me

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2022.01.27 05:32 BOB6996BOB How do I find immortal uruks?

When my dad used to play ge would get that 1 uruk that just will not die. Because they were maniacs I decided to shame all the captains and when I got a maniac he died to another uruk and the maniac was never seen again. Did they update the game so now I can't get uruks that cheat death all the time?
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2022.01.27 05:32 tax_evader6965 HAlO InFINte is BaD and YOU aRe sHillS

Proof ---- https://youtu.be/wN-WPcaKGfA
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2022.01.27 05:32 nikkontr 120mm or 140mm intakes?

I'm planning on going anti-rgb on my build, and eyeing to swap out my current fans with Arctic BioniX ones. My case is the Deepcool Macube 110 (mAtx) which supports 2x 140mm top (will be my exhaust), 120mm back, and either 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm front (will be my intake). I was wondering which would be better as an intake considering the 2x 140mm + 1x 120mm exhaust, would it be having 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm?
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