-pare (im badeu at osu) | Foreground Eclipse - Truths, Ironies, The Secret Lyrics [Don't Stop 'Cause This Party's All We've Got] +HD (Seni | 8.27★) 98.17% FC #1 | 751pp

2021.12.07 15:11 laQuantum -pare (im badeu at osu) | Foreground Eclipse - Truths, Ironies, The Secret Lyrics [Don't Stop 'Cause This Party's All We've Got] +HD (Seni | 8.27★) 98.17% FC #1 | 751pp

-pare (im badeu at osu) | Foreground Eclipse - Truths, Ironies, The Secret Lyrics [Don't Stop 'Cause This Party's All We've Got] +HD (Seni | 8.27★) 98.17% FC #1 | 751pp submitted by laQuantum to osugame [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 15:11 GAMMA_rayburst This meme will never die

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2021.12.07 15:11 alejandrobarreto230 Where can I find season 2 OVAs?

i've been searching but I cannot find them anyone know?
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2021.12.07 15:11 forester17 E320 Costco or v1200?

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2021.12.07 15:11 lil_chipp New to collecting

After alot of researching I see that dynamic savers have the cheapest sabers but I was just wondering if anyone else has one and what is the quality
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2021.12.07 15:11 osantos22 [FOR SALE] Chance the Rapper, The Alchemist, Roc Marciano, Ransom x Nicholas Craven, and Rick Hyde!

Shipping is already included in listed prices and coming from Los Angeles, California.
Feel free to ask me any questions in regards to the records. I also have pictures if you are interested in them.
Paypal Goods & Services only.

  1. Acid Rap - Chance the Rapper (Purple Blue Swirl) ($60) M/M
Sealed and in Mint condition.
  1. Rapper's Best Friend 6 (An Instrumental Series) - The Alchemist (Black Edition) ($60) M/M
Sealed and in Mint condition.
  1. Marcielago - Roc Marciano (Black Edition) ($55) NM/NM
Opened record in excellent condition with shrink wrap and hype stickers in place! Played once
  1. Deleted Scenes - Ransom x Nicholas Craven (Hell's Sunrise Edition) ($55) NM/NM
Opened record in excellent condition with shrink wrap and hype stickers in place! Played twice
  1. Plates- Rick Hyde (Split White/Red with Black/Grey Splatter Edition) ($55) NM/NM
Opened record in excellent in condition with shrink wrap in place! Did not come with any hype stickers. Played once
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2021.12.07 15:11 tonne3489 Boots

Hey im a lillia main from Denmark, and I strugle finding information about what boots to buy. Usually i just buy Magic pen, but i dont know if i am making the right choise. i see a lot of high elo players go for cd boots (but then again i'm silver. So i just want to hear whats working for you guys, and if you choose cd boots over magic pen why? :) EEP!
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2021.12.07 15:11 Furrypizzahunter Favorite sit-down Chinese restaurant at the moment?

I’ll be in the city this week and I’m looking for a solid Chinese spot for dinner on Thursday evening. I’ve done a little research but I always like getting a local’s opinion because that’s how I’ve found the best food while traveling.
Chinese Tuxedo, Hwa Yuan, Red Farm, and Szechuan Mountain House are currently on my radar. Thoughts?
I’m staying at the Four Seasons downtown and flying solo so I wouldn’t mind staying somewhat close, but I’m cool with a bit of a commute.
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2021.12.07 15:11 cosmicbooknews 'Wonder Woman 3' Years Away; Patty Jenkins Plate Empty

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2021.12.07 15:11 Ty-Hunter Am I the only one that feels kind of disappointed with the new skin

It just feels like RIOT lost the chance to make this a legendary or a prestige skin, by making the mask removable (CTRL+5) and adding the possibility to use the hoverboard or not... I was so hyped, but it looks like it'll be just a basic skin.
Still cool though, just not what I had in mind ig, maybe my expectations where just too high ahahaha.
for who hasn't seen it yet, this is the video:
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2021.12.07 15:11 SheWalksAtMidnight Christmas 2021 Tree - Merriest of Christmas to whomever reads this!

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2021.12.07 15:11 Tdurden032 Slowly but surely getting updates…

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2021.12.07 15:11 Siscrypto I said I couldn't give her pets ONE time... so I guess she's my girlfriend's cat now

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2021.12.07 15:11 MisfitV2 ‘Tis the season ft my sleepy death machine

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2021.12.07 15:11 tingtingping PSA: Do NOT take magic mushrooms / Psilocybin with your Baclofen!

Hey I was going to microdose last night to help with my recovery and I was on baclofen from getting off my phenibut, but I thought.. maybe I should check for an interaction.
there is a MAJOR interaction and you can end up really messed up and even near death. I am SO happy I looked this up before I dosed my microdose.
I know a lot of people look for ways to get their brain back and magic mushrooms is one of them, and some of us are on baclofen.
you can look up interactions here
and here is a youtube video of someone that got really messed up from it.
Searching for this before I took it probably saved my life! I hope it helps others in the future too!
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2021.12.07 15:11 Vellnerd Same energy

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2021.12.07 15:11 StarvingArtist2000 OC I did for a client

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2021.12.07 15:11 SpiritRealmResearch Is belief in the Resurrection reasonable?

I'm basically replicating the title of a debate between Trent Horn and Matt Dillahunty: https://youtu.be/7V6UNSvHVDM
What are your thoughts on this debate? To what extent is belief in the Resurrection reasonable? Is it unreasonable to be skeptic? Is it unreasonable to have doubts? Is 100% certainty reasonable or unreasonable?
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2021.12.07 15:11 robborow [December 7] Gold Rush

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2021.12.07 15:11 Charming_Pay388 College decisions

It's approximately three days to Amherst college decisions. Is there anyone else who applied for Amherst ED???
Anyways, I feel very tensed right now. I just feel I would be badly rejected. Anyone feeling same too? Anyways, wish me luck 🤞
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2021.12.07 15:11 turtleycool38 I feel guilty and like I shouldn't be going out. But then that feels like im giving the government ammunition for the fear that they want to instil in people and I see that as an indicator that I'm a weak, easily manipulated human being

Basically what happened was I was in town with my wellbeing worker and we were looking in a few shops, obviously because it's cold/sore throat/flu season a number of people were coughing however I was wearing a mask all the time and one of the people who coughed did cough fairly close to me but I had my mask on and I was outside. I don't think anyone spat on me or my hands when they coughed. But I'm just panicking because when I got home(we have to go in round the back gate and go in through the kitchen now that my grandma is living with us) and went into the kitchen, my mum has a bit of a cough(she tested and it came back negative), and before I had a chance to wash my hands she coughed near me and I can't be sure wether spit from her coughing went on my hand or not. But I'm freaking out in case somehow when she coughed on my hand it blew or sucked germs from my hand into her mouth/face? In my family only me and my grandma are double vaccinated my mum dad and brother have chosen not to have the vaccine out of their own choice because they're worried about not knowing the long term effects of the vaccine on the body. It's just I have ocd and I would feel extremely guilty if I infected someone with the virus and I would feel like I had to bully myself or do something bad to myself to "punish" myself for making someone else sick. I know that sounds extreme but that's how bad my anxiety is.
View Poll
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2021.12.07 15:11 Puzzleheaded_Media32 Documenyi neccesari per compilare prima di arrivare all aeroporto di bologna

La prossima settina arrivo a bologna. La mia domanda é se devo compilare sia il plf form e un altra applicazione su applicazioni.regione.emilia-romagna.it ? Grazie
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2021.12.07 15:11 shockrock Good boy

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2021.12.07 15:11 FuckYeahBud Upcoming Mythic Stinger SMG 288 DPS

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2021.12.07 15:11 NewsElfForEnterprise Here's Why Tech Stocks Like Twilio and Zendesk Are Soaring Today

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