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Do you enjoy debating politics?

2021.12.07 14:30 Atotaly_normal_human Do you enjoy debating politics?

View Poll
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2021.12.07 14:30 naturalflavors Has anyone else had a new announcer voice show up in the last couple days?

A very annoying voice with all sorts of annoying comments all game long. Just showed up the other day and I don’t think I changed anything?
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2021.12.07 14:30 viralproductz Taxia Life APK Download

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2021.12.07 14:30 Jerwila Anyone else get chills while they run a bath?

Ever since I was a kid, I like sitting beside the tub while my bath runs, because it gives me chills.
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2021.12.07 14:30 hownowbrown_cow Filing a complaint with the school district?

First time posting and I'm on mobile, sorry for any errors in formatting and writing.
My middle school 13yo brother was recently involved in an incident at the end of October where another student threw a pen at him and the ink exploded all over his uniform shirt and ruined it.
I called the school and spoke to his grade level assistant principal and she spoke to both students and said that they didn't have a bad relationship with each other, said that it was an accident, and assured me the other student's parent would be paying for the shirt.
I foolishly didn't press the issue, thinking that my brother would eventually come home with a new shirt one of the days. Yesterday on December 6, I still had received no updates and he still did not have a new uniform shirt.
I called the school and spoke to the same assistant again, and she told me that I can buy the shirt, and that it would a $15 maximum. I looked around and found a similar brand shirt to the shirt that was ruined in his size for the total of $24.83 USD.
I called yesterday not 30 minutes after she called me and had to leave a voicemail about the price and how I should not have to downgrade his shirt to meet their $15 maximum. They did not get back to me until I called again this morning and had the main office leave an email requesting a call back.
The assistant principal then told me that the other parent said that they could not afford to replace the shirt and that the school would be taking on the cost. $15 was the maximum that they could do. She said that they recommended Walmart brand shirts.
Now some background information about my family: my 4 siblings and I are orphans. Our mom passed away some years ago, no dad, and we're being raised by our grandparents. Grandmother passed away not too long ago and our grandfather is currently bed ridden.
In place of my mother, I have been acting in place as guardian since I was 17, (24 now) and I'm still very inexperienced in how to go about this, as I sort of hate conflict and was hoping this would resolve itself without more issues.
My middle school brother is obese. I really think his weight issues stem from losing his mother at a very young age (7). I have not been the best guardian but I have certainly been trying the best that I could.
I am thinking about filing a complaint but I'm not sure how to go about it. I don't know if I should continue to pursue the matter, or eat the cost and just take the $15 and try to find him a Walmart uniform polo in his size.
I hate the way this was handled. If the other family couldn't pay, why wasn't I notified about this before a whole month passed? I can't help but feel this was going to be swept under the rug until I called yesterday and today.
I know life is unfair and maybe I should just take the $15. Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
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2021.12.07 14:30 PetersNachbar Survivor Revolution - Day 11

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2021.12.07 14:30 justshubh What are some of the underrated sport movies?

One think the bollywood has kinda struggled with is doing proper sport movies. With the upcoming release of 83 the film and Jersey, i wonder which are the hidden gems of sport movies in bollywood. My favourite in no particular order would be Lagaan, Iqbaal, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Jersey(original)
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2021.12.07 14:30 brettsmods Free Weekly Bright Dust

Looks like we can get 700 free bright dust from the store page? And the way it is worded seems like it will be a weekly thing?
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2021.12.07 14:30 soulslayer434 Got Me Some Good Healing Gems for Some Crazy Challenge Runs :D

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2021.12.07 14:30 EarEconomy3706 1444 @ 2.50 Holding strong LFG $BBIG to moon

1444 @ 2.50 Holding strong LFG $BBIG to moon
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2021.12.07 14:30 1Man1Wheel Traveling Around the world on my Nimbus Hatchet Unicycle

Whats up everyone I am a mountain and long distance unicyclist from Lancaster, PA. This summer I have decided that I am taking off on a around the world unicycle trip on my 27.5" Nimbus Hatchet unicycle this summer. My goal is to cover more ground than any other unicyclist has on one trip. The trip will be over 22,000 miles and take a little over 3 years. I will be starting in Washington D.C. on the C&O trail which I am really excited to do as I twisted both my ankles coming dow the Paw Paw detour and couldnt finish my trip that I started on the Gap. I will then be headed west taking the Great American Rail trail as it connects to the C&O. I am bringing my nephew along on the trip to help me film for my YouTube channel 1Man1Wheel. Currently I am building him a bikepacking bike as he doesn't ride unicycle. I am selling most of my possessions to help raise money for the trip and also because I will be gone for so longπŸ˜‚. If you want to follow my trip you can check out my page Alex Unicycles the World. https://www.facebook.com/1man1wheel/
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2021.12.07 14:30 Budget-Background-80 16M - I don’t even care about shared interests I just want someone to talk to

Preferably 16 and F, though anyone young and not an ass will be fine.
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2021.12.07 14:30 Pristine_Flatworm Rule

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2021.12.07 14:30 g3ttingthr0ugh1t Fucked up at work this week, I never want to show my face there again.

I have no idea how to cope with this to be honest. I've never been formally reprimanded at a job before--I'm 22 and been working since I was 14, and this is the first time I actually messed up bad enough for someone to call me out. My supervisors are disappointed in me and I don't even care if they fire me--at this point I'd rather get fired and start over than deal with their disappointment as I try to painstakingly regain their trust.
I want to vanish off the face of the earth.
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2021.12.07 14:30 VirolSiren The hottest album of the year

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2021.12.07 14:30 gwop_the_derailer Vladimir McCrary x Thierry Mugler RTW Fall 1995 [1914x1430]

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2021.12.07 14:30 Exciting-Rides6034 Analysts' Ideas Series - "Time to revisit cannabis stocks"

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2021.12.07 14:30 RageRandomer Penguin themed Advent Calendar. Every day a new penguin joins the gathering.

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2021.12.07 14:30 Hot_Photograph5227 Paper mache fleshlight

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2021.12.07 14:30 cyrodiilz [spoilers: character]

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2021.12.07 14:30 MysteryFinery a The thing inspired monster (for a short)

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2021.12.07 14:30 YGLD $SYTA Congrats Today Bulls πŸ‘ Only Other Play We Had On Our Trading Plan Was $JZXN Although There Were Other Plays Out Here πŸ‘Œ We Just Knew When And Where To Have Our Money When The Time Was Right πŸ’²β° Entry Price Posted $5.15 BEFORE Market Open BEFORE The Stock Was $5 πŸ”₯

$SYTA Congrats Today Bulls πŸ‘ Only Other Play We Had On Our Trading Plan Was $JZXN Although There Were Other Plays Out Here πŸ‘Œ We Just Knew When And Where To Have Our Money When The Time Was Right πŸ’²β° Entry Price Posted $5.15 BEFORE Market Open BEFORE The Stock Was $5 πŸ”₯ submitted by YGLD to Shortsqueeze [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 14:30 hiabba Games that'll change my perspective?

Anyone got any good indie games either downloadable online or available on steam (money is no issue, I'll buy anything that'll get me out of this rut...) that really change the way you look at the world? Things aren't going great right now and I need something to help alter my negative perspective. Genre isn't really an issue either, I love horror, adventure, honestly anything in between. (I know some of these aren't necessarily "indie" per say but,) I've played SOMA before, The Beginner's Guide, The Stanley Parable, Undertale etc... anything like these? Or even indie horror RPGs like The Witch's House, Ib, Mad Father etc.. those ones made me think a lot and helped me put my reality into perspective. I'm honestly just down for anything as long as it works on a MacBook Air and isn't tooooooo beefy for my laptop to run. Pls respond & let me know :(
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2021.12.07 14:30 BranislavBGD I see your Wattson heirlooms running Doom, but I gotta raise you this question tho: Can it run Crysis?

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2021.12.07 14:30 anas28t Scooby somehow ended up in El Jadida

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